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Taika Glow

Taika Glow 0.9L
DESCRIPTION Waterborne special lacquer that glows in the dark.

To be used on painted surface. Effect appears best on white/light substrate at total darkness.  Requires a sufficiently powerful light intake before dark.  Creates a glowing effect for up to 6 hours.

RECOMMENDED USES Effect painting in dry interior premises. Wall surfaces, also furniture, floors and objects with a protective lacquer. Can be used for marking routes in addition to approved exit path route signs.

  The paint is suitable for interior walls The paint is suitable for interior floors The paint is matt The paint is water-borne Tool: roller Tool: spray Tool: brush
The coverage of the paint on rough surfaces
The coverage of the paint on smooth surfaces
Colour Range Translucent, slightly yellowish. In the dark glows greenish.
Gloss grade Matt
Building material emission class M1

8 - 12 m²/l, depending on application method.

Can sizes 1/3 l and 1 l
Thinner Water
Application method

Short-napped roller, brush, stencil stippler or spray (e.g. conventional spraying, nozzle size 1.4-1.8 mm, thinning 0-5%).

Drying time at 23°C and 50% relative air humidity

Recoatable after approx. 6 h.

Heat resistance +85°C, ISO 4211-3.
Wet scrub resistance SFS-EN 13300 class I, ISO 11998.
Solids volume approx. 19 %
Density approx. 1.1 kg/l, ISO 2811
Storage Protect from frost.
Product code 0053210

Application conditions The surface to be painted must be dry, the temperature of the air at least +10°C, and the relative humidity of the air between 30 - 70 %.
Preparation Unpainted surface:
Remove dirt and dust from new surfaces. Fill the surfaces with a Presto filler, if needed, and sand the dried surface. Remove sanding dust.
Previously painted surface:
Wash down previously painted surfaces with Maalipesu cleaning detergent following instructions on the label. Allow to dry. Remove any loose paint. Sand hard, glossy and painted surfaces matt. Remove sanding dust. Fill cracks and holes with a Presto Filler and sand the dried surface. Remove sanding dust.
Priming Paint with a suitable white or light colored Tikkurila priming or finishing paint. Taika Glow works on top of most common paint types.
Finishing Stir Taika Glow well before use. Apply the lacquer liberally with a short-napped roller meant for smooth surfaces, brush or stencil stippler. Aim to as smooth surface as possible and try to apply the lacquer evenly throughout the whole surface. Use masking tape and remove the tape immediately after painting. A stronger glow effect can be achieved with a two-coat (or several) treatment. Taika Glow surface can be protected with e.g. Parketti-Ässä Floor Lacquer or Kiva Furniture Lacquer.
Note! Verify the success of the treatment in the dark. Apply a sufficient amount of the product so that the application marks will not remain visible.
Cleaning of tools Remove excess lacquer from tools and wash them immediately with soap and water. Tikkurila Tool Cleaner is recommended for removal of slightly hardened material.
Maintenance instructions The product achieves its final durability after one month from finishing treatment. Avoid cleaning treatment during this time.
If needed, the surface can be cleaned with a neutral (pH 6-8) dish washing solution using e.g. a soft cleaning cloth. Rinse and dry the surface immediately after that.
Maintenance treatment According to the instructions from "Previously painted surface". Effect surface can be covered by painting it twice with a water-borne paint.
EU VOC 2004/42/EC-limit value (cat A/l) 200g/l(2010)
Taika Glow contains VOC max. 200 g/l.

according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008
Contains 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one. May produce an allergic reaction. Wear protective gloves. A Material Safety Data Sheet is available on request. Safety data sheet

ENVIRONMENTAL and WASTE DISPOSAL Recycle empty, dry cans or dispose them of in accordance with local regulations. Destroy liquid waste according to the local regulations for hazardous waste.
TRANSPORT ADR: not classified
ser290914 / mkv240214 / akk300914 / garta040614