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Taika Stardust - sophisticated glimmering effect glaze

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New Taika Stardust is a waterborne glimmering glaze containing tiny silver or gold particles. It is completely transparent matt lacquer for interior walls and ceilings. Taika Stardust used on the painted surface brings a sophisticated metallic shine. Taika stardustilla hohtavaa pintaa


Taika Stardust is available in two ready shades, gold and silver. The product is not tintable. The effect of Taika Stardust is soft and subtle and it requires a proper lightning to stand out. Sidelight, natural light or effective spot lightning is essential.


The colour of the interior paint will affect decisively the end result, because Taika Stardust is translucent.


The product is suitable for interior dry walls.  It can be used also for decorating the ceilings. Taika Stardust can be used also for stencil painting, the most suitable tool is a small basic roller or brush. A foam rubber applicator is not recommended.

How to use Taika Stardust

Mix Taika Stardust carefully before use. Apply the product criss-cross with a roller or a brush. Use masking tape for the borders, spread Taika Stardust evenly to the whole area without separate border painting. Taika Stardust will leave a slightly whitish film right after application, the film disappears and will be translucent when the surface is dry. Second application can be made the next day if you fancy more glittering result. The surface will be completely dry in 2 days. Make a trial application e.g on a thick cardboard.

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Taika Stardust

To be used for patterning the walls painted with interior paints. As the glaze is translucent, the colour of the underlying coat strongly affects the end result. Good spotlights, sidelight or natural light emphasize the effect.

Application method:

Roller or brush

Thinner: Water
Colour Range: Silver and Gold glaze
Product data sheet Safety data sheet