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Your home is worth cleaning regularly. Cleaning dirt, salt, dusts and pollution from exterior surfaces prevents the growth of algae and mould, and it also gives your house a fresh appearance.

It is good to check the condition of outdoor surfaces once a year


Treated outdoor surfaces demand attention and care in the same way as your car needs washing and waxing.

Outdoor surfaces attract all kinds of dirt: mould, moss, algae, pollen, you name it. You can clean a paint surface in good condition by washing it with Tikkurila Huoltopesu (Maintenance Cleaner), and the surface will stay in good condition and keep its good looks far longer.

If the paint finish is in poor shape and needs maintenance painting, wash the surface with Tikkurila Tehopesu (Power Cleaner) or Homeenpoistoaine (Mould Removal). These remove microbial growth and wear the fi nish, taking off the gloss and leaving a good, clean base for maintenance painting.

Fix structures


Check if something about the structure or around it needs to be improved or repaired.

Greenery around the house, such as bushes or creepers, hampers ventilation around the building.

Guttering that leaks or is too short will let rainwater into structures.

The plinth course needs to be high enough and drip guards are necessary at the ends of sills.

Coat end surfaces and joints carefully with both primer and surface finishing product.

Washing a paint surface in good condition when the surface does not require maintenance painting

Detergents - wood surface

Wash the dirty surfaces with a mixture of Tikkurila Huoltopesu (Maintenance Cleaner)

and water, 1 part of Tikkurila Huoltopesu (Maintenance Cleaner) to 10 parts of water.

Avoid getting splashes on yourself and surfaces you are not going to treat.

Apply the detergent solution onto the surface with a brush or a soft sponge, using upward strokes.

Leave it on for roughly 15 min. and rinse with care, using downward brush strokes.

If necessary, repeat the wash with a stronger solution.

Washing a dirty surface in poor condition, with mould damage etc. when surfaces require maintenance painting


Wash mould and other impurities off the surfaces with either Tikkurila Homeenpoisto (Mould Removal) or Tikkurila Tehopesu (Power Cleaner).

Mix 1 part of Tikkurila Homeenpoisto (Mould Removal) with 3 parts of water or a can (0.5 l) of Tehopesu (Power Cleaner) with 5 litres of water.

Leave the Tehopesu (Power Cleaner) to stand for roughly 30 min. and stir before use.

Cover surfaces which you are not going to treat to protect against splashes and avoid splashing yourself.

Apply the detergent solution to the surfaces with a brush or soft sponge using upward strokes. Leave for approx. 15–30 min. and rinse off thoroughly from the bottom up, using a brush.

If necessary, repeat the wash with a slightly stronger solution. Let the surfaces dry before maintenance painting.

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