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Homeenpoisto (Mould Removal Detergent Tablets)

DESCRIPTION Water-soluble tablets

Unpainted and painted exterior surfaces with mould growth.

RECOMMENDED USES For mould removal from new and already treated wood, plaster and concrete surfaces before painting and for concrete block and fiber cement roofs before maintenance painting.

  The paint is water-borne Tool: spray

Depends on the degree of contamination.

Can sizes 12, 30 and 60 tablets
Thinner Water
Mixing ratio Dissolve 1-2 tablets in a litre of water depending on the contamination of the surface.
Application method

Spray, sponge or brush

Special feature pH-value of the ready-to-use solution: approx. 6
Density On the average 17.36 grams/tablet
Storage Unaffected by cold storage
Product code 006_6191

Protection Protect glass, aluminium and other similar surfaces that could be damaged by the substance. Avoid splashes on clothes and e.g. untreated furniture. The product has a bleaching effect.
Surface cleaning Dissolve 1-2 tablets in a litre of water depending on the contamination of the surface. Spread the solution on the façade surface with mould growth from the bottom upwards using a garden spray or watering can. This is to avoid stripes, which can occur, if the work on façades is done in the opposite direction. Let the solution take effect for 15 minutes, if necessary. Do not allow to dry. Use a brush to enchance cleaning. After treatment rinse carefully with clean water from the top downwards e.g. with a spray.
Use only the number of tablets that you need at a time. Do not store the leftover ready-to-use wash solution.
Post-treatment Prime the unpainted wood surface as soon as the surface is dry with Valtti Pohjuste or Valtti Akvabase priming oil before finishing treatment. Carry out maintenance painting of previously painted surface.
Cleaning of tools Clean tools with water.

according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008
Contains: Troclosene sodium. Warning. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause respiratory irritation. Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Contact with acids liberates toxic gas. Keep out of reach of children. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Avoid breathing mist/vapors/spray. Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Avoid release to the environment. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. If eye irritation persists, get medical advice/attention. Contains ≥ 30 % disinfectants. Safety Data Sheet - Homeenpoisto -pesuainetabletit

ENVIRONMENTAL and WASTE DISPOSAL Do not mix the product with other detergents. Do not empty tablets and undiluted washing solution into drains, water systems and soil. Destroy the tablets and undiluted liquid waste according to the local regulations for hazardous waste. Recycle empty, dry cans or dispose them of in accordance with local regulations.
TRANSPORT VAK/ADR not classified
sre310816 / vta300913 / hsa30092013 / akk091213