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Tikkurila's Tunto Stone brings genuine stone to your interior walls

tunto stone wall
Squares are made by using masking tape and different shades of Tunto Stone
Structural coatings of Tikkurila Tunto product family offer personal decoration solutions. The latest newcomer in Tunto series is Tunto Stone, a tintable effect coating with genuine stone granules. The end result is a combination of genuine indigenous beauty of the nature and value of real material.

Tunto Stone is suitable for interior walls, as well as humid rooms (not in direct contact with water) and also for coating of fireplaces. Available in four basic colours from the Finnish nature: light lime stone, black gabro, red and grey granite.

Stone can be used in versatile applications

Light lime and grey Tunto Stone can be tinted according to the Tunto colour card into 25 stone colours, and the Finnish bedrock will be transformed for example into a luxurious rubine. To obtain a deep colour and impressive end result, paint the area with an acrylate paint of similar colour prior to applying Tunto Stone.

Spread Tunto Stone with a steel trowel. To obtain a uniform result, 2 layers of coating is recommended to be applied on large areas. The second layer can be grinded with a plastic float.

Tunto stone is applied
Apply with a steel trowel, grind the second layer with a plastic float