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Unica Akva - paint for interior and exterior use

Unica akva door

Renew your doors, windows and exterior fixtures with paint all in one go.

New, waterborne Unica Akva is quick drying, safe and easy to use paint for finishing new and previously painted interior and exterior doors and window frames of wood or metal. Unica Akva is excellent for wooden panels of glazed balconies as well as for exterior furniture.

Quickly done with Unica Akva

Waterborne, durable Unica Akva door and window paint has excellent adhesion to all kind of surfaces. The paint dries fast. You can save time by using the same product for interior and exterior painting.


  • Do it easily – same product for interior and exterior use.
  • Suitable for lacquered, painted or semi-translucent surfaces, as well as for industrially treated wood surfaces without priming.

  • Suitable also for primed metal surfaces.

  • Unica Akva can be used also for exterior furniture and fixed parts of buildings such as railings or wooden panel surfaces of glazed balconies, etc.

  • No fading, yellowing or chalking.

    Unica Akvalla maalaat myös ulkokalusteet ja rakennusten kiinteät osat, kuten kaiteet, lasitettujen parvekkeiden puiset paneelipinnat jne.
  • Protects wood from moisture, and cracking caused by exposure to weather
  • User-friendly quality product made in Finland.
  • Waterborne Presto Window putty can be used for windows and filling of small scratches and holes.

Unica Akva[2]

Unica Akva

Interior and exterior painting of new and previously painted or lacquered wood surfaces and primed metal surfaces. Ideal for maintenance painting of industrially painted, lacquered and with translucent finish treated surfaces.

Application method:

Synthetic fiber brush or short-napped roller, smoothing with brush

Conventional spray:

-nozzle 1.4-1.8 mm,  thinning 0-10 vol-%

Airless spray:

-nozzle 0.009˝-0.013˝, thinning 0-5 vol-%


Thinner: Water
Colour Range: White A-base paint can be used as such or tinted according to Tikkurila Wooden Facades colour card. Also colours from Symphony colour card. C-base is colourless and has always to be tinted before use. Tinted product can not be changed.
Colour Cards: Symphony 2436
Product data sheet Safety data sheet