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Alfagel 400 - Protective Gel

Alfagel 400
DESCRIPTION Alkali-resistant silicone-based preservative which penetrates well into the substrate. Prevents capillary penetration of rain and splash water into the structure. Allows water vapour coming from inside the structure to pass through. Alfagel 400 prevents salts moving to the surface of the structure. Prevents frost damages. Thixotropic, gel-type Alfagel 400 can be applied in thick layers (single application) even to vertical surfaces and beneath structures as it will not drip or trickle.
PRODUCT FEATURES Suitable for protection of concrete and exposed-aggregate concrete.
RECOMMENDED USES Facades of residential, office and industrial buildings, warehouses, bridge structures.

  The paint is water-borne Tool: roller Tool: spray
The coverage of the paint on rough surfaces
The coverage of the paint on smooth surfaces
Coverage Approx. 2.5 - 5 m²/kg.
Can sizes 25 kg
Thinner Water
Mixing ratio Normally unthinned. Can be thinned with water if necessary.
Application method Brush, roller or spray gun

Airless spray:
  nozzle 0.015" 0.031"
- angle 10-15º
- unit of pressure 20-80 bar; adjust the pressure according to the target.

Drying time at 23°C and 50% relative air humidity 2 - 5 hours.
Penetration depth 9.1 - 11.4 mm (relative humidity of the air 70 %).
6.1 - 6.8 mm (relative humidity of the air 95 %)

Weather resistance Good
Active ingredient volume Approx. 80 %.
Density Approx. 0.9 kg/l, ISO 2811
Storage Protect from frost. The storing temperature should not exceed +30 °C.
Product code 001_7120

Application conditions The surface to be treated has to be clean and not wet, the temperature of the air at least
+5 ºC, and the relative humidity of the air below 80 %.
Silicon protection The new surface has to be dry and hardened before application.
Clean the surfaces from dirt, dust and salts. Moldy and mossy surfaces are washed with Tikkurila Mould Removal according to instructions.
Apply Alfagel 400 evenly by spray (airless). Application by brush or roller is also possible. Depending on the porosity of the substrate even 400 g/m² can be sprayed with one treatment but normally 200 g/m² gives sufficient protection.

Vertical surfaces are recommended to be treated from down to upwards.

All possible splashes must be immediately wiped away from window. It is recommendable that windows are covered before treatment.
Cleaning of tools Clean tools immediately after use with water and detergent.
Maintenance instructions 1 month after treatment dirty surfaces can be gently cleaned with pressure washer without detergent.

Tikkurila Mould Removal (Homeenpoisto) and thorough rinsing can be used to remove alga and mould.
Note! After Mould Removal the surface requires a new treatment with Protective Gel.

according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008
The product is not classified as dangerous.Safety Data Sheet - ALFAGEL 400

DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE Declaration of Performance EN1504-2

ENVIRONMENTAL and WASTE DISPOSAL Recycle empty, dry cans or dispose them of in accordance with local regulations. Destroy liquid waste according to the local regulations for hazardous waste.
TRANSPORT VAK/ADR not classified
sre120713 / mli051206 / sna151206 / tho211206 / 001 7120

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EN 1504-2:2004
Product for protection and repair of concrete structures – Hydrofobic Impregnation
Resistance against freeze-thaw salt stress
fulfils the requirement
Depth of penetration
Class II: ≥ 10 mm
Drying rate for hydrophobic impregnation
Class I: > 30 %
Release of dangerous substances
Water absorption and resistance to alkali test for hydrophobic impregnation
absorption ratio < 7.5 % compared with the untreated specimen
absorption ratio < 10 % after immersion in alkali solution