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Parketti-Ässä Petsi (Parquet Ace) - Stain

DESCRIPTION Water-borne acrylate stain for interior use.

Parquet floors and floor boards. Suitable for sanded wooden floors prior to treatment with Parquet-Ace Floor Lacquer. Test the product on a small area to be sure that it is suitable for the surface. The product is not suitable for diamond pine, smoked oak and brown beech surfaces.

RECOMMENDED USES Parquet floors and floor boards.

  The paint is suitable for interior floors The paint is water-borne Tool: brush Tool: trowel
The coverage of the paint on rough surfaces
The coverage of the paint on smooth surfaces
Base paints EP
Colour Range Tikkurila wood stains and lacquers colour card
Building material emission class M1
Coverage 15 - 20 m2/l brush application. 20 - 25 m2/l Flotex spreader application

Can sizes 0.9 l and 2.7 l
Thinner Water
Application method Application with a Flotex spreader or wide brush in the direction of the grain.
Drying time at 23°C and 50% relative air humidity Dust dry after approx. 1 hour. The second coat can be applied after 3-4 hours. Finishing with Parquet-Ace Floor Lacquer 3-4 hours after application of the second coat.
Solids volume Approx. 10%
Density 1.0 kg/l, ISO 2811
Storage Protect from frost.
Product code 303_6404

Application conditions The wooden surface has to be dry and free from dirt, wax and grease. The temperature of the air and surface should be +15-20 °C, and the relative humidity of the air 30-80 %.
Preparation Before you start, check the suitability and the colour of the stain on your floor by lacquering a small test area. The final colour depends on the wood, its hardness and original colour and also the number of coats applied.
Staining Stir the priming lacquer thoroughly before and occasionally during application to ensure that the colourant is well-mixed in the lacquer. Apply a thin coat using a flotex spreader in the direction of the grain. Plan work carefully to ensure that the stain can be applied on one uniform surface without interruption. Floor boards can be treated board by board using a brush. The second coat can be applied after 3-4 hours.
Overcoating Finish with Parquet-Ace Floor Lacquer 3-4 hours after application of the second coat.
Surface treatment See the product data sheet of Parquet-Ace Floor Lacquer, directions of use. Stained surface has always to be treated with a finishing lacquer.
Cleaning of tools Clean tools with water or with Tikkurila Pensselipesu (Tool Cleaner).
Maintenance instructions The stained and lacquered surface achieves its final hardness and chemical resistance after appox. one week from finishing. Avoid cleaning during this time. Clean the surface with a brush, mop or dust towel. Dirty surfaces can be cleaned with neutral (pH 6-8) detergent and damp cleaning tool.

according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008
The product is not classified as dangerous. A Safety Data Sheet is available on request.Safety data sheet

ENVIRONMENTAL and WASTE DISPOSAL Empty cans should be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Liquid waste should be destroyed according to the local regulations.
sre240212 / mli011106 / lko141106 / tho021106 / 303 6404