Tikkurila Retailer concept


Our great determination is to ensure success to all our customers, the retailers, professional painters or DIY users of the paint products.  We do not only market paint but the successful end results that people desire, sustainable beauty.  

One example of our determination to help is the Product Category Management Concept for our retailers. 

Based on market reserach

The concept created  is backed up by thorough research and practical acquaintance with scandinavian customers values and purchasing process as well as an actual purchasing event in the shop. 

Based on information derived from our research activities, we have developed nine alternataive shop solutions, the starting point of which are different customer segments and shop sizes. In each of them, the essential elements have been the product range, in-shop marketing, tinting and services provided by the store. 



• Makes the store's processes more effective.

• Improves the cost efficiency.

• Paint department is clearer and more manageable.

• Improves the space management.

• Self-service becomes easier.

• Easy to adjust the offer to seasonal fluctuations.

• Co products and impulse boughts help increasing the sales.

• Increases the strong quality brand image.



• Quick and easy to select colour and buy. 

• Quaranteed that the colour matches the sample.

• Straighforward to find selected brand.

• Shelf system with its signs makes it easy to find the right product. 

• Purchasing process is successful when customer will leave with right products, tools and work instructions.

• Loyal customers will come again. 

How does it work?


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