The starting point of segmentation is the reality that different customer groups have different reasons for making a purchase. That is why it is not a good idea to market a d sell in the same way to all customer groups. It is much more economical and efficient to differentiate and target the activity. 

Different customer groups

The segmentation followed in the Retail Concept is based on the needs and values of those customers buying paint following surveys commissioned by Tikkurila.

Customers can be divided into established, comfort-loving, and visionary and active. Established customers fulfil basic needs; renovation is more important to them than aesthetic experiences. On the other hand, comfort-loving customers want ready-made solutions, while visionary customers are interested in novelties – they are ready to change the look of their home according to trends. 

3 main target groups

Based on studies, at least 40% of Finnish paint buyers can be classified as established – this means that their purchasing is controlled by basic needs. We have named this group the Home Renovators. Meanwhile, a little less than one-third is comfort-loving, hence interested in home decoration or renewal – we call them Home Builders. This leaves the rest who are classified as visionary and active and we describe them with the term Trendsetter.

3 target groups:

RenovatorHome builder2Trendsetter2