Home builder

Home builderHome Builders are comfort-loving and interested in home decoration or renewal.

The comfort-loving Home Builders is the second largest customer group. They are quality conscious and seek an expert service, tested products and ready-made solutions. In a store context, Home Builders will appreciate a wide product range, inspiring models and ready-made colour combinations. In addition, to support decision-making, Home Builders also use social media and are interested in the experiences of others regarding painting and decoration.

The product range for Home Builders should cover the needs of a quality-conscious single-family house builder and home renovator who follow interior decoration trends. To supplement the basic offer, the product range tends to include special products and effect finishes for home decoration. Home Builders appreciate turnkey solutions and their requirements are met, for example, by the Feelings and Kaunis Talo (Beautiful House) colour combinations and the ProHouse concept.

Marketing targeted to Home Builders also focuses on the good quality of products. Core messages place emphasis on ready-made solutions, the versatility of painting, and a successful end result. To this end, Tikkurila Big Screen is an excellent channel for the store’s own advertisings and offerings.