Home renovator

trh s10 remontoija isoHome Renovators are established and their purchasing is controlled by basic needs.

The established Home Renovators are the biggest target group. They tend to indulge in painting only when it is necessary to protect surfaces. They want durable, basic products of high quality and are often loyal to a brand, which means they do not need very many options. Clear product category signs, decent brochures and painting instructions are important for this target group. In addition, Home Renovators also appreciate self-service and are ready to look for information - for example, in Tikkurila Small Screen.
Their product range contains basic products for interior and exterior painting, they appreciate a long interval between maintenance painting, and selling is best done by using clear technical arguments. Quick, targeted purchasing is important for Home Renovators and ready-made colours suit them well. Painted samples of products should be placed on shelves and in connection with the packages.
Advertising targeted to Home Renovators places emphasis on the quality and technical characteristics of products and this target group is served by national and chain-specific campaigns.