Shop interior

Esillepano myymalassa
The customer of today is looking for experiences and easy solutions. A strong trend of home decoration affects the shop interior as well. The share of special effect products has been increasing compared to the basic products. 

Efficient use of space and easy buying

The shop display has a significant role in space management,  ambience, purchase decision, in the other words the sales. Tidy paint department with the clear signs with consistent presentation of products, surface samples, guides and instructions make it easy to make the purchase. A positive purchase experience increases customer loyalty. Our suggestions for an optimal product offer are based on scandinavian market research.

Large colour samples and a target based colour card collections make it easy to choose the right colour. Large surface samples made with original products inspire the customers to start a project. Original surface sample is often needed in making the final product choice. Smaller surface samples are useful when they are placed near the products. 

Place the ready tinted colours to the visible spot where they are easily available. Shop personnel is always needed to assist the customer with tintable products.