Additional parts

Complete and fill in the display sets with additional parts.

Add on big screen furniture

Additional Big Screen furniture

Additional part for the Big Screen to be placed on the top of the 2-sided Displey frame 122 cm. Total height of the display with the additional part will be 280 cm.

Price: 1260 €


Product code: MAILOIR40000


42" screen 119 €/month (check the availability!)

Add on small screen floor

Additional Small Screen furniture + 12 cm


Free standing info desk that can be placed e.g to the strategic spot near the customer flow.

Price: 99 €/month (check the availability!)


Product code: MAILOPR40000


Add on brochure rack



Additional -Brochure rack (2 pcs)

Brochure racks are available in either 2 or 4 pcs series.

Price 2 pcs: 300 €

Price 4 pcs: 600 €


Product code: MAIE1220000

Add on surface sample cassette



Additional - Surface Sample Cassette (8 pcs)

Surface sample cassettes are available either in 4 pcs or 8 pcs series. A single cassette can be ordered as well.

Cassettes 1-4:

Interior paints + Translucent interior products + Opaque paints for wood + Translucent exterior products


Cassettes 5-8:

Floor products + Lacquers and furniture paints + Products for floors, socles and masonry surfaces  + Wood oils and waxes

Price 1 pce: 140 €
Price 4 pcs: 560 €

Price 8 pcs: 1120 €


Product code: MAIP1220000

Add on inspirational samples

Additional - Inspirational samples

8 different surface samples applied on  easy sliding panels in Display Frame 122 cm:


- structural coating with Taika pearlescent glaze

- wood graining

- rough coating

- pattern painting with pattern roller

- border painting

- stencil painting with schablones

- Taika silver paint with stencil painting
- colour wash


Price: 890 €


Product code: MAILOPN0000

Add on shelf inclined planes

Additional - Shelf with inclined plane

Shelf with lamps for brochures, samples, inspirational and diy magazines


Price: 350 €



Add on light cabinet

Additional - Light cabinet

Additional cabinet with 3 different optional light areas for making it easier to compare the colour in different lights.

Price: 390 €


Product code: MAILOVK0000