Breakthrough of Tikkurila WB industrial coatings into the German market

We have successfully taken a great step forward in the introduction of Tikkurila industrial water-borne solutions to the German market. Three customers there are already using our coatings.

Following global trends and in line with Tikkurila’s decision to focus on sustainable water-borne products, the German industrial management team, in cooperation with Swedish colleagues, did a great job obtaining new industrial customers. We would like to present one of the cases here.

“We made our first contact with the Bohrtec* company in October 2016. We had to fight against famous and well-known competitors such as PPG and Osnatol,” says Mr. Carsten Hummel, Tikkurila Group key account manager.

The main challenge during the negotiation and preparation work was that Tikkurila, as a producer of industrial coatings, is almost unknown in the German market. Further, our task was not only to demonstrate that our water-borne coatings perform sufficiently well, but also to prove that we offer the best water- borne solution on the market at the moment.

Bohrtec, based in Aachen, Germany, has been designing and manufacturing machines for the trenchless construction of sewers for more than 30 years. More information is available on the company’s website:

Bohrtec carried out three internal tests according to its own requirements: a fire test, a saltwater test and an abrasive test. The results showed that our paint systems were the best. Bohrtec accepted two paint systems, one hybrid and another one-component acrylic.
The drilling area on this machine, which goes inside the hole, is painted with Fontecryl SC 50. It is a water-borne topcoat with nice performance.

Acrylic one-component system:
Fontecryl SC 50

The coating system for the other areas is a hybrid system:
Temazinc 99
Fontecoat EP 50 beige
Fontedur HB 80
Total DFT: 250 µm

In addition to the brilliant performance of our water- borne coatings, this case is also a good example of how the desired results can be achieved through good cooperation inside of the company.