1. coat: Temacoat GPL-S Primer

DFT of the 1. coat (µm): 100

2. coat: Temacoat GPL-S Primer

DFT of the 2. coat (µm): 100

3. coat: Temadur 50

DFT of the 3. coat (µm): 40

Total DFT (µm): 240

Product type: Solvent-borne

ISO 12944-5: SILKO TIEL 4.20

Standards class: SILKO TIEL

Maintenance: n

Segments: Steel structures, Railway vehicles, Storage tanks and reservoirs (exterior), Energy and telecommunication infrastructure and Processing industry

Description: SILKO TIEL 4.20 Approved epoxy-polyurethane system. Time-proven, cost-effective, fast-drying epoxy-polyurethane system with semi-gloss topcoat.