Dicco Crystal 30 White - a new generation brilliant white topcoat


Dicco Crystal 30 White stays white for a longer time. It is thixotropic paint and provides outstanding hiding power.

Durable acid-catalyzed paints are widely used for kitchen and bathroom furniture. Tikkurila is one of the acid-catalyzed paints producer with strong background history and trustful range of the products. Company constantly continues to modify and improve properties of their acid-catalyzed paints to meet all necessary requirements.

Dicco Crystal 30 White is an up-today invention based on absolutely new polymers, which help to stay brilliant white for a longer time. Another big advantage of this acid-catalyzed paint is that it does not contain aromatic solvents and easy to use as all traditional paints.

Dicco Crystal 30 White is semi-matt and was originally developed for kitchen doors and furniture as a fast-drying durable paint with good chemical and mechanical resistance. It perfectly suits for MDF and other wooden interior surfaces as well.

Thixotropic paint

Dicco Crystal 30 White is thixotropic and has excellent hiding power even on edges and grooves. The paint is easy to spray and it levels to a smooth finish with good filling properties.

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Dicco Crystal 30 White paint.

Dicco Crystal 30 White

Dicco Crystal 30 White - Acid-catalyzed paint


A fast-drying, durable paint for interior use.

The paint is solvent-borne Tool: spray
The coverage of the paint on rough surfaces
The coverage of the paint on smooth surfaces

Dicco Crystal - New generation paints for the wood furniture and joinery industries

These products have been developed as high-performance topcoats that dry faster than traditional acid-catalyzed paints. Dicco Crystal paints retain their color over longer periods, contain no aromatic solvents and are as easy to use as traditional products.

Dicco Crystal