Tikkurila Pro Service is the package of different services designed for professionals and industries. Our services cover the various professional and industry needs - then you need advice, professional services, trainings, color design, support materials or other professionals support.

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Projects support

Advices on site, support in individual projects or personal painting advice for professionals - by phone, email or on-site we are providing locally.
Or contact our Group support technical staff:
Metal / Floor phone: +358 20 191 2004 (daily 8.00 m- 4.00 pm Finnish time)

Wood phone: +358 20 191 2098 (daily 8.00 am- 4.00 pm Finnish time)

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Consumptions and costs counters
VOC counters

Using Tikkurila counters, you can calculate costs of a paint/lacquer system or VOC-value.

VOC counters

Tikkurila Institute - Trainings programme

Tikkurila Institute provides trainings for professionals; designers and contractors, as well as paint dealers locally.

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Colors and colors design services

Tikkurila is the color and tinting technology pioneer. Many products can be tinted in thousands of shades. To help you to find right color solution please contact Tikkurila Color Service.

Support materials

An extensive range of Tikkurila support materials has been deloped especially for needs of professionals.