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Industrial paints for metal surfaces. Product catalogue 2017 - 2018

The Tikkurila product range for metal surfaces varies from traditional alkyd paints to modern high-tech single-coat polyurethanes including solvent-borne primers and topcoats, more environmentally sound high-solids paints, solvent-free coatings and also very sophisticated water-borne products.

Industrial paints for metal surfaces
Industrial wood finishes. Product catalogue 2017 - 2018

Tikkurila has a wide range of products for both exterior and interior applications in the wood-working industry including conventional solvent-borne, acid-catalyzes and polyurethane-based products as well as modern environmentally-sound water-borne acrylic and water-borne UV-curing products.

Industrial floor coatings. Product catalogue 2017 - 2018

Tikkurila concrete floors product range includes paints, varnishes and screeds to meet different demands on durability and safety for both indoors and outdoors application.

Tikkurila_industrial_Floor_ coatings_catalogue


Wood finishes

Akvi Isolator - Special isolating primer for wooden interior surfaces

A fast-drying paint has been developed to retard knot bleedings and seepage of the resin.

Akvi Isolator
Akvilac FD - Eco-friendly lacquer solutions for the wood furniture

A series of new water-technology very fast-drying products, which form hard finish and have good scratch resistance.

Akvilac FD lacquers
Dicco - reliable paints for the wood furniture and joinery industries

Two-component solvent-borne Dicco paints are suitable for many types of interior furniture and other wooden and fibre-board components: doors, chairs, kitchen cabinets, mouldings, panels, frames, etc.

Dicco paints
Dicco Crystal - New generation paints for the wood furniture and joinery industries

These products have been developed as high-performance topcoats that dry faster than traditional acid-catalyzed paints. Dicco Crystal paints retain their color over longer periods, contain no aromatic solvents and are as easy to use as traditional products.

Dicco Crystal
Fontefire WF - Intumescent coating for exterior and interior wood - Fire protection of wood

Fontefire WF is a new high performance fire retardant coating for wood. Due to its intu- mescent properties, it gives more time to save people’s lives. The product has been tested in an accredited laboratory and received the highest class of fire protection for wooden material B-s1, d0.

Fontefire WF
Luminol - Colorful durable solutions with UV-curing base paints

Luminol is a tintable UV-curing paint that allows you to achieve a broad variety of colors with better chemical, scratch and abrasion resistance than conventional water-borne products.

Merit - high-quality lacquers for the wood furniture and joinery industries

Two-component solvent-borne Merit lacquers are suitable for home furniture, doors, panels, frames and also for high quality office furniture.

Merit lacquers
Pinja Color Plus - Longer maintenance interval

The water-borne, Pinja Color Plus, semi-transparent tintable stain has been developed for the industrial application. This high-solid wood stain can provide you with a maintenance interval of up to 10 years.

Pinja Flex Combi - Water-borne polyacrylate paints for exterior doors and windows

The fast-drying paints are designed for painting wooden window frames and front doors. Pinja Flex Combi is available in two different gloss levels that are tintable in thousands of colors with the Avatint -tintings system.

Pinja Flex Combi
Pinjalac HB - Lacquer systems for exterior windows and doors

Modern exterior lacquer systems are nowadays mostly water- borne. Systems are based on an impregnation agent, medium and top lacquer combinations, and each product has a specific role in the overall system. Exterior durability properties are the main desired criteria when developing these products.

Pinjalac HB

Functional coatings

ClimateCooler - an intelligent roof-painting system

Tikkurila offers an intelligent roof-painting system that reflects solar radiation back into space. Intelligent roofing reduces the need for air conditioning, and has a positive effect not only on the environment but also the indoor climate of buildings, and reduces energy bills.

Drytech - functional products

Tikkurila Drytech products are a series of functional coatings, based on a unique, microporous matrix technology. They are sustainable and easy-to-use solutions for professionals, industries and consumers alike for solving problems related to mold, condensation, noise and asbestos.