Energy and telecommunication infrastructure

Tikkurila has a wide range of paint systems and coatings for outdoor, indoor and immersed steel structures, as well as for different environmental conditions from normal to severe, from cold to hot and for various chemical stresses.

Tikkurila is involved in numerous projects related to energy infrastructure (nuclear, waste, hydroelectric power plants; diesel, gas power plants; mining facilities; heat exchangers; gas pipes; transformers; masts, etc).
Most of the Tikkurila coating systems meet ISO 12944 requirements. See below for systems suitable for different corrosive environments: C2, C3, C4, C5-I and C5-M.

Paint systems for corrosivity category C3

Paint systems for corrosivity category C4

The most durable systems for C5 corrosivity categories

The epoxy paint systems for interior surfaces

Interior surfaces there are surfaces, which are not exposed to direct sun light and weathering.

Heat-resistant systems

Chemical-resistant systems

Maintenance systems for different corrosivity categories

Steel structures in gas blower building

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