ClimateCooler Catalyst – Intelligent roof-paint system

Tikkurila's ClimateCooler Catalyst products have the same properties and the same color selection as ClimateCooler products. They are also suitable for the same areas of use, but with one clear advantage: they are capable of decomposing harmful NOx compounds, from e.g. exhaust gases, to harmless NO3 compounds (salts) – thanks to a catalytic process.

This means lower CO2 emissions and less smog. By applying ClimaterCooler Catalyst over an area of 1,000 m2, NOx compounds corresponding up to 30,000 km of driving are neutralized – every year.

The ClimateCooler Catalyst coating has been listed in the 2015 publication of “Sustainia100”, an annual guide to 100 innovative solutions from around the world that presents readily available projects, initiatives and technologies (

The ClimateCooler Catalyst coating has been named as one of the top 100 sustainable solutions globally and given the position at the forefront of sustainable innovation in the Building sector of the guide.