ClimateCooler – EnergyWise treatment for roofs

Tikkurila's ClimateCooler is a water-borne solar-reflection roof coating. Using this coating is a smart way to manage the energy consumption of buildings and to save money – and the planet.

Roofs treated with ClimateCooler have lower temperature, which requires less energy to cool down the air entering the buildings' air conditioning system. ClimateCooler treatment reduces the need for cooling, and translates into financial savings.

Two families of ClimateCooler – Uni and Flex

Uni and Flex products have the same benefits related to the reflection of the sun’s radiation. Both families contain a topcoat and a primer, which are available in the same colors. The difference lies mainly in their areas of application.

The products in the ClimateCooler Uni family with a gloss grade of 20 are designed for most normal roof types, such as concrete roof tiles, standard tiles and fiber-cement.

The ClimateCooler Flex family with a gloss grade of 15 is more suitable for treating degraded roofs and flat roofs covered by e.g. bituminous felt. Flex products have a higher elasticity, specially developed for difficult substrates.