AsbestGuard – encapsulant against asbestos

AsbestGuard is a functional coating suitable for encapsulation and sealing of asbestos that cannot be removed due to structural conditions. It is recommended for interior use only as a treatment for asbestos-cement or asbestos-sprayed concrete surfaces, acoustic panels and insulation of ventilation pipes.  The coating can be also used e.g. for binding remaining fibers after removal of asbestos, or as a primer before applying other paints e.g. on ventilation ducts.

AsbestGuard is a water-borne material, and easy to apply by airless spray, brush or roller.

The advantages of the asbestos encapsulation system
    - Reinforces the technical properties of asbestos
    - Binds loose fibers effectively
    - Insulation and noise-damping properties
    - Non-flammable, fire protection class A2
    - Reduces movement in structures.

Product data sheet
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AsbestGuard AsbestGuard - Coating for encapsulation of asbestos
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