Wooden claddings

We have been developing products in cooperation with manufacturers for decades to meet any new requirements of wooden claddings industry. The result includes the Pinja and Ultra Pro product families, which respond to the various needs of building trends, sawmill industry and end-users.

Exterior wood requires the best protection against mold, and so all Tikkurila exterior products contain very efficient fungicides.

The paint systems are often specified according to the application method and the conditions in which they are to be used. This makes the end-result more durable and reliable.

The best quality finish is achieved when two layers of acrylate-based water-borne Ultra Pro topcoat are applied on wood in controlled factory conditions without a separate primer. The product gives excellent protection against weather and other stress factors from the very beginning.

Paint systems

Semi-transparent systems

Wooden surfaces that have been pretreated in the factory can be finished on site with Tikkurila consumer products to provide the best durability.

Decorative products for maintenance painting

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