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As we approach the end of the year and can look forward to Christmas with friends and family, we are happy to present to you the latest issue of IMPULSE for 2017. In this issue, we bring you latest news, our customers cases, as well as a lot of other interesting issues.

Enjoy reading Impulse 2/2017!

Instruction video of Temafloor 4000

The most durable and safe grinding screed Temafloor 4000 is very popular in food or chemical processing facilities. We have updated work instruction video to show how step-by-step using professional skills and tools to apply the screed on the concrete floor.

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M1 emission class for floor products 

Two new products water-borne epoxy lacquer Fontefloor EP Clear and solvent-free polyurethane coating Temafloor PU Flex have been granted M1 classification for low-emitting building materials by the Finnish Building Information Foundation RTS.
The top M1 class is reserved for materials that emit extremely low levels of compounds into the atmosphere.

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Super elastic solvent-free PU coating

A new two-component polyurethane coating Temafloor PU Flex was especially designed for air-conditioning rooms and other technical areas. It has excellent elastic properties and elongation at break value of 180% (7 days). Temafloor PU Flex gives the concrete floor a seamless and water-impermeable surface. Temafloor PU Flex has impact resistance perfectly comparable to other polyurethanes.

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Breakthrough of Tikkurila WB industrial coatings into the German market

We have successfully taken a great step forward in the introduction of Tikkurila industrial water-borne solutions to the German market. Three customers there are already using our coatings.

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Fire protection coating solutions

Passive fire protection is an important component of any fire safety strategy. It plays an essential, and increasingly significant role in safeguarding people, as well as limiting damage to buildings and their contents from fire and smoke.
We recently focused on the water-borne fire retardant solutions for both wood and metal - Fontefire.

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